Brite - Tailwind CSS Theme

Vibrant, trendy set of components that you can use for your marketing websites

Brite Tailwind CSS theme

Brite is a beautiful, well designed Tailwind CSS Theme that you can use to quickly build your next marketing website. This theme is ideal for SaaS and Indiehacker type startups. Although since the entire theme is designed to work in a plug-n-play fashion, you can swap things out if you don't need them, and easily customize the layout to suit your needs.


All parts of Brite are split into different components that you can assemble like Lego bricks. This makes Brite really easy to use with JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue or Angular. Here's a list of components that Brite comes with:

  • Navbar
  • Hero content
  • Pricing table
  • Features
  • Testimonials
  • Newsletter Subscription Forms
  • Footer

SEO Friendly

Brite follows all the recommendations laid out by Google and a mobile-first design that let's you rank higher on search engines. Here's how Brite performs on Lighthouse:


In Brite, you can customize the fonts, colors and everything else that Tailwind let's you customize. This is because Brite comes with its owntailwind.config.jsfile, that you can easily tweak to suit your needs. This let's you use your own brand colors and fonts which is extremely hard to change in the themes that are built with other kinds of frameworks, such as Bootstrap.

✨ Highlights

  • Built with latest Tailwind CSS v1.8
  • Bundled with Figma files
  • Fully responsive, thoroughly tested across different resolutions
  • No unused utility classes or unnecessary styling
  • One time purchase
  • Free lifetime critical updates
  • Full refund if you don't like it

💵 Price


+ $10 optional for Figma files. All inclusive of taxes.

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