I have always noticed people struggling with design. As more and more websites are being built each day, the need to have a good basic design or even a good starting point is becoming fundamental. This applies even for MVPs.

The idea with Small Design Shop is to help you get started with modern web design faster. All of my work here centers around designing for the modern web. I have carefully crafted themes and templates to help you build websites and web apps quick.

All of these themes will have neat code and follow the best code and design practices. They are all built in component-fashion, so you can swap things around, plug and play with the final design. And since the code is easy to understand, you can easily customize it or build on top.

This gives you a good design base to build upon or even to use out of the box. You can check out my work below.

Thanks, and talk soon.

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Preetesh Jain